These Outrageous United States Marital Relationship Laws Will Make You Concern Everything

It’s now prohibited to obtain wed in Virginia if you’re under the age of 15. Think it or not, this law was just handed down Friday. The limit was increased to 18 and over.

This archaic legislation was crazy and hazardous. But it’s simply a drop in the ocean when you compare it to other ridiculous US marital relationship laws. You can also consult our attorney for more complexity and also know more on this site.

We’ve chosen the most bizarre laws that’ll merely rock your innocent little world:

1. The Fuckboy Law

Every woman who’s ever succumbed to a fuckboy will stand strong behind South Carolina’s law. It’s an offense in this state for a male over the age of 16 to guarantee a woman the world and her hand in marriage just to get her into bed.

The act is formally called seduction under the pledge of marriage, and it brings a penalty of up to a year in jail.

2. Keep It in The Family

In Utah, it’s legal to marry your first cousin if you re both over the age of 55 and can’t have kids. However, the kid thing doesn’t matter if you re over 65.


3. No-Show Your Own Wedding

It’s a law planned for servicemen and women, and is known as proxy marriage.


In Montana, you can switch your other half or wife-to-be with a stand-in as long as they accept sign paperwork instantly after the ceremony, confirming that they’re not in fact the right partner.

4. Do It for Kicks

You can legally get an annulment in Delaware if you got wed for shits and laughs. True story: It doesn’t matter if you hitched up for a prank or attempt.

It’s under the state’s Domestic Relations Act. It reads that an annulment can be given if one or both celebrations entered into the marital relationship as a jest or dare.

5. The Mother-In-Law.

Fulfilling the future MIL is stressful enough without this insane Kansas law: Mistreatment of your MIL is grounds for divorce in Wichita.

So, wear t rub her the incorrect way. (But you shouldn’t be touching her anyhow, tbh.).

6. The Third Wheel.

2aHave you ever gotten one of those irritating gooseberries in your relationship? You know the ones: the exes or the very best pals.

Well, if you live in Mississippi or New Mexico, you can take advantage of an old law called alienation of affection. It generally indicates a gooseberry has drawn an enormous wedge between you and your partner. This is grounds for divorce.


7. No Naked Spooning with Your Spouse.

Generation rent is made worse in Salem, Massachusetts: It’s prohibited for couples to sleep naked in a leased bed room.

How is this policed? We can just think of.